Why Choose Us?

Tch- E Waste  

  • Leaders in the E- Waste management industry        
  •   We're in   partnership with established,legal and highly compliant entities   
  •  Leading the rest of Zambia with regards to ratification of the Basel Convention.
  • Providing jobs for Zambian youth .
  • We are keeping the environment clean by preventing humans from polluting through electronic waste .

Cyber Security 

Data Security is ensured by means of  providing  efficient Hard Drive Data Sanitization .

HDD Refurbisment 

Refurbishment  is done  with  the use of specific sanitary software to physical destruction as last resort . 

E-Waste Management Training 

Training of all for collection, sorting, dismantling and sale of fractions of e-waste to pre-identified markets.

E-Waste Collection  

We offer free E-waste collection dependent on your location and amount of E-Waste contact us for more details

Equipment Sorting 

Recognising the need for expanded e-waste recycling, we sort equipment viable for refurbishment or recycling by vendors. 

Certification of Disposal  

To show that an organisation has participated in the bettement of the environment , we offer Certificates of disposal as proof.        

TCH-E WASTE Services