Advocates For A Cleaner Environment

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Efficient Recyclers

TCHE-Waste being the first and only e-waste recycler ensures that only compliant and efficient recyclig is carried out     


Currently there is lack of digital outreach in the country  and TCHE-Waste Ltd seeks to mitigate that by collecting and refurbishing IT Equipment for the market.


The fact that e-waste as an environmental concern has been established , Legal and highly compliant electronic waste management is imperative in our operations  .


In partnership with AST Recycling  .   

We recycle electronics responsibly

 TCHE-Waste is a highly compliant and legal entity in partnership with AST Recycling. With over 40 years of e-waste recycling carried out around the world, TCHE-Waste sees it fit to be the one stop solution for all electronic waste management in the Republic of Zambia.  

The E- Waste process 

TCH E-Waste in association with AST Recycling are bringing a customized solution for the effective management of e-waste throughout Zambia, and through this solution will mitigate the potential risk to the environment and human health.

Zambia's Pledge to the Basel Convention

 Almost all African countries including Zambia have ratified the Basel Convention, but most have not domesticated this in the form of appropriate legislations for various waste streams.