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Why our cause is important to us.

About Our Company

 TCH E-Waste is Zambias first legally compliant e-waste collector and processor currently   investing in a fully formalized and compliant e-waste recycling facility, ensuring continued growth and development of additional satellite SME's in strategic outlying areas throughout Zambia for collection, sorting and light dismantling of e-waste.

Tch-E Waste Initial Launch

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Who we are

TCH E-Waste in Zambia is here to stimulate the e-waste sector in growth in a legal and highly  compliant manner and to offer job opportunities, employment and growth to the informal collectors, entrepreneurs and person wanting to enter into this space .


We are also here to encourage the Zambian government to explore the potential of becoming one of the first countries on the continent to offer full PGM metal beneficiation.

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E-Waste Refurbishment 


E-Waste Recycling 


E- Waste Collection 


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A team centered on efficiency and combating climate change by

bettering the Environment  through E-Waste  Recycling